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Hi, I’m Yu-Ju.

My interest lies in the intersection of privacy and human-computer interaction in the areas of policy, ethics, and philosophy. My interdisciplinary background has shaped this interest, and I have been involved in several research projects that have all converged on my passion for translating research into practical and actionable artifacts — such as workflows, checklists, worksheets, and protocols — that researchers and practitioners can easily adopt. I have worked on redesigning workflows for information architecture practitioners, developing data dashboards, exploring data-sharing practices among experts, and developing privacy risks taxonomy.

I am also a proud alumnus of Dxlab at National Taiwan University, where I was previously advised by Professor Wei Jeng and worked with a bunch of great and professional colleagues on projects centered around Information Design, Data Management, and Privacy.

Yu-Ju Yang, Li-Fei Kung, and Wei Jeng

In Lecture Notes in Computer Science (iConference 2023)

“Design, Design, and Design Again”: An Information-Architecture Redesign Workflow from Case Studies of a Government Portal and a Learning-Management System

Product Design

Product design

A system that reshapes the way people interact with the information 


UX Design


UX design

An app that helps people who are having trouble deciding what to eat and offers suggestions those who fails to have a balanced diet

截圖 2022-01-01 下午5.42.12.png

Redesign | Keelung’s

city-government portal

Keelung's government portal
UI/UX internship @ PDIS

Redesigned the city portal through reconstruction of the information architecture


Social Context

in Design

Social context matters in design

My observation on people’s value under the COVID-19 and how these values play force to the design

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